Postcombe 2004

I travelled to the Diversion owner's club first ride out in 2004 to Postcombe between Oxford and High Wycomb(ish).

I travelled 244 miles to stay at my sister's near Tamworth on the Saturday, but this meant an early set off on the Sunday to travel the last 90 miles to the England's Rose at Postcombe for breakfast at 10.00am. After meeting with other like minded owners, the safety meeting completed we set off round the surrounding countryside with a lunch stop at Fox's Diner and a look around the M and P shop. As time was pressing on I decided to set off on the homeward trip to Scotland at around 3.00pm along with Bob (link on the home page) for the first 70 to 80 miles. I finally arrived home wet and cold at about 10.30 pm having covered 456 miles in total on the Sunday.

The weather was mixed to say the least, Gales, hail, rain and sunshine. At one point on the M6 Sunday teatime, I was travelling through about 2 inches of water only to be dazzled by brilliant sunshine 3 minutes later, strange thing British weather!

Dave and Neil's Divvies
Two Divvies
Treveor and Neil's Divvies
Two Divvies 2
2 Silver divvies
Two Silver Divvies
Traffic problems
Queue of Diversions
Oh for sunny days
Where is the Sun
Traffic problems
Queue of Diversions


Did I enjoy the experence ? YES

Would I do it again ? YES

Its strange but to complete an endurance test like my Postcombe trip leaves you with a warm cosy feeling of satisfaction even if you are outwardly shivering

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